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Please follow these steps below but you can also refer to our ‘how-to’ video here:

1. Measure lashes on your eye without properly applying them, just for reference, trim (if needed) how ever many magnets off the end of the lash to fit the width of your eye shape more.
2. Shake liner bottle, apply liner and wait until it is at least 80% dry (20-40 seconds). NOTE: If you are using our ‘Magic liner’ you only need to wait 5-10 seconds before applying your lashes as you don’t want it to be fully dry when you apply the lashes.
3. Apply your lashes and feel fabulous! PRO TIP: Apply lashes in the centre first then fix the inner and outer corner placement if needed.

1. Gently peel lashes off the eye and place them back in their case for storage.
2. Our liners are very long wearing/waterproof so they are best removed with our liquid make-up remover or reusable make-up remover pad, even better when used in conjunction. If you don’t have either of these use your best waterproof make-up remover on a cotton round and soak on the eye for 20-30 seconds to break down the liner before wiping it away. Be sure to always cleanse your skin at the end of removing your make-up.

Place your lashes back in the case they arrived in.

35-40+ wears if they are looked after correctly and treated with care.

We don’t recommend this as it can effect the life of the lashes. We highly recommend applying your mascara to your natural lashes and letting it dry prior to applying your Magnx lashes, you can then use your fingers or applicator to pinch your lashes together with your Magnx ones for a super seamless finish if need be.

If you need to clean your lashes or the magnets, sometimes you will need to clean the magnets due to liner residue, you can use a cotton tip and warm water/micellar water (nothing with oil in it as it can break down the glue holding the magnets on the lash band) and gently wipe this off the magnets. Do the same with the actual lash hairs, just be sure to be super gentle when doing so.

Magnetic liner: This is our OG liner that has been with us since the beginning of Magnx! This liners sole purpose is for magnetic lashes and has the strongest hold for magnetic lashes. This cannot be used for normal lashes.
Magic liner: Our Magic liners are a hybrid between a magnetic liner and an adhesive liner, meaning that these liners work on both magnetic and normal lashes. Bonus! They come in black and clear.

Yes, our Magic liner comes in a transparent option!

Yes! We sell our Oil-Free Make-up Remover Liquid and our Reusable Make-up Remover Pads. These work fantastically for all make-up removal but especially our long wearing, waterproof liners.

You can trim some magnets off if need be, just be sure to cut as close to the next magnet along as possible.
PRO TIP: You can also cut your lashes in half if you like and wear them as half lashes! This gives an amazing cat eye effect.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so, if you don’t like the style you have chosen, or your lashes don’t work for you, be sure to email us to discuss the return of your lashes for your money back. We also offer style exchanges, but please know your lashes can’t have been worn if you wish to ‘exchange’ them.

Yes! We have a pre-made ones under Bundle & Save and a ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ option, where you get discounts depending on how many items you select. Both links below:

Build your own: